Site Improvements

I’ve been doing some sprucing up around Mark’s Very Large National Lampoon Site the last couple days. In particular, I’ve made it easier to browse through the Listings pages, adding “Previous,” “Next,” and “Index” links for each item’s page. Plus I’ve added the name of the section to each page to make it easier to tell where the hell you are on the site.

I’ve also dropped the useless and redundant “News” link at the top of each page and replaced it with a “Mobile-Friendly Menu” link, a special page that lays out all the sections of the site for easy access. This is to get around the fact that the WordPress theme I’m using pushes the sidebar menu (on the right side of the page when viewed on a computer) down to the bottom of the page. I’m sure a lot of you didn’t even realize it was there and thought all there was is the News feed. I’m sure there’s a better way to do this by creating my own WordPress theme, but fuck that. I do have a life.

Hopefully, these changes will mean a rapid rise in traffic. Just kidding. But at least things will be nicer for the two of you who still stop by.

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