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Randall Enos on the Origin of Chicken Gutz

May 15, 2019

A drawing of Chicken Gutz by Randy Enos.

Randall Enos is a regular contributor to cartoonist Daryl Cagle’s website. Recently, he told the story of the origin and development of his Chicken Gutz comic strip (a personal favorite of mine), which appeared in the Funny Pages section of National Lampoon starting in the early ’70s.

Thanks to reader Michael Simmons for the link.


Saw my first Chicken Gutz in 1971 when I was 18. The cartoon put me into hysterics. I am 70 now and will always be the biggest Chicken Gutz fan from the University of Rhode Island. God Bless you Mr. Enos. Your strip mirrored the inner workings of my mind.

—Normand Paquin

November 10, 2023 7:04 am

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