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Site Update Continues

February 13, 2017

Everything is now moved over to my new system, but I still need to update most of the internal links (links to pages within this site). So, if you click on something and you get a “not found” message, try using the Search box to find what you were trying to see. It will take some time, but eventually I should be able to catch them all.

So, yes, the Search feature works again. It’s been broken for some time, but now it’s much better than before, and fast, too.

The site design is totally new and not finished. It works, but I’d like it to look more like the old design. Currently it looks a bit empty and bare-bones for my taste. I’ll fix it, but I need to spend time getting my head wrapped around WordPress themes. The good thing about the new design is that it’s responsive, meaning that it changes itself to fit the device you’re using. So it works as well on a tiny smartphone screen as it does on a giant computer display.

Except for a few minor bits, everything from the old site is here. It’s rearranged a bit, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find your way around. Try the Search box if you get lost.

You may be wondering, does this mean I’m actively working on the site again? As you may recall, I put it on hiatus back in 2012. Although, I have posted a few news items since then. So, maybe.

I put all this work into moving the whole thing to Wordpress only because the thing I was using before was so old it was starting to break. My hosting service got it working for me, but put me on notice that I should probably to switch to something more modern soon. So I decided to bite the bullet and make the change while I still could. Either that, or the site would just stop working sooner or later.

As I went through every page of the site, it reminded me how much work I’d put into it in the past, and what an amazing phenomenon the National Lampoon was in its heyday. No promises, but I think I’m going to do a little fix up around here, maybe patch a few holes and finish the unfinished bits. My new blog system makes things pretty easy to work on now. Plus, the site will be twenty years old this May.

So, stay tuned. And sorry about those broken links. I’ll get to them.


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