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The Real Animal House Out in Paperback

October 15, 2007

Chris Miller’s The Real Animal House was recently released in paperback. The new edition includes an additional 45-page early Sixties pop culture glossary. Available at Amazon and other fine book sellers.

In other Chris Miller news, he has recently posted on his website two of his classic National Lampoon short stories, Telejester and Boxed In. Update: Chris’s site is dead. Don’t bother clicking.

Finally, Chris will be doing a special night in New York City on Monday, October 29th. It’ll be a recounting of the long strange trip that led from his joining the Alpha Delta Phi house at Dartmouth in 1960 to the creation of both Animal House the movie and his book, The Real Animal House. Peter Reigert (“Boon”) will be along to reminisce with him about the former, and two of the guys who he featured in the book—John “Magpie” Walters and Dick “Black Whit” Whitfield–will also appear to share their memories of fraternity madness, early sixties-style. His appearance will be at the Housing Works Cafe in Soho, at 126 Crosby Street, starting at 7 PM. It should be a lot of fun for all, and he’ll be signing copies of the paperback edition of his book.


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