Michael Gross to Launch Adult Website

Former NatLamp art director Michael Gross has entered the adult entertainment business. According to Gross, he and David Kaestle (his co-art director at National Lampoon) were working on a magazine proposal that would approach sex in a way Eros magazine did in the ’60s, but with an updated, more in-your-face, 2004 approach. The internet changed all that and instead he has launched an online adult e-zine. “Some would call it porn,” says Gross, “and, yes, I guess it is. But it reflects a love of the subject for me and I think it is smarter than the average adult site (not to mention funnier). After all, I was the one who added much of the sexiest visuals and art (in particular, comics) to the National Lampoon. My first former NatLamp contributor to the site is Randy Enos, and several other NatLamp artists and writers have agreed to come on board as well.” His site is called Mikey and Mandy’s Most Original Porn Emporium (www.mikeyandmandy.com). Enter at your own risk, and don’t even look unless you are over 18. Update: Not sure whatever happened or when, but the site is long gone.