Your Unauthorized Guide to the Golden Age of National Lampoon Magazine

David Kaestle, R.I.P.

January 25, 2004

From Michael Gross:

“On Jan. 23, 2004 David Kaestle passed away due to cancer.

“David was my oldest and dearest friend and shared the art directing responsibilities for National Lampoon for several years. I am often credited as the design force behind the magazine, but many of the best-known (and best art directed) NatLamp products were the work of David. We alternated doing the magazine and the many special publications being ground out by a brilliant overworked staff. David’s finest work was the High School Yearbook Parody (for which I am often mistakenly credited). He also took over the magazine while I worked on Lemmings. That was our flawlessly intermingled role, functioning at it’s best.

“David and I went on to start a design company with National Lampoon as one of our clients, continuing a tradition of art direction that could be from either one of us…like Siamese design twins.

“David was the finest man I have ever known. His modesty and integrity were unmatched. He did little to promote his own role at NatLamp and I hope this note will bring credit where it is deserved.

“David, you are loved and missed by everyone who ever had the privilege of knowing and working with you.

“With tears, Michael”

Thanks to Michael for sharing this with my readers.


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