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Chicken Gutz Goes Online

November 6, 2003

One of my favorites of National Lampoon‘s Funny Pages section was Randall Enos’ Chicken Gutz strip. It turns out Enos, who happens to be a well-known, successful illustrator, has a website, and Chicken Gutz (and his smart-ass pet bird) are featured prominently in animated form. Be sure to check out the “porn” section.

Update: Well, he did have a website. Sometime in 2017 the domain lapsed and now just points to a domain seller. I’ve changed the link (above) to point to a Wayback Machine archive of the site. Note: It’s based on Flash, and Flash is dead (unless you have an old computer that supports it), so you’ll need the Ruffle plug-in installed in your browser in order to view it.


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