National Lampoon Concordance, 1970-1998

A lot of people come here looking for information about National Lampoon beyond the “golden age” (as I like to call it). I admit there was a lot of good, funny stuff outside of the narrow scope of this site. But I just don’t have the time or interest (for the moment) to cover it all.

Nevertheless, to better serve those who fondly remember later issues, who arrive here only to be disappointed by the specificity of Mark’s Very Large National Lampoon site, I have a very special gift: A downloadable, fully searchable database listing every issue of National Lampoon ever published, including issue dates, themes, etc. Okay, it’s just a tiny 8k text file, but what a text file.

This useful little document was compiled by reader Stephen Higham a while back. Why I didn’t think to make this available sooner, I don’t know. The important thing is that it is here, now.

Click here to download the National Lampoon Concordance, 1970-1998.

Tip: To download the file to your computer (rather than view it in your Web browser in its raw, unadulterated form), right-click (Windows users) or control-click (Mac users) and choose “Download to disk” from the menu that pops up. If you have a spreadsheet, you can just open or import it. If not, you can open it in a word processor and fiddle with the tabs to get the columns to line up.