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Future of National Lampoon Unclear

November 1, 2001

When we last left Natty Lamp, J2 board member Daniel Laikin was poised to take over J2 Communications with big plans to restore the humor icon to its former glory and a June 30 deadline to come up with the cash or bust. It is now November and the deadline has long passed, but the deal has not died. The deadline was extended several times, most recently to November 15. I can only guess what state of limbo the current staff finds itself in. For more detailed and up-to-date info, check out J2 Communications news on Yahoo! FinanceUpdate: According to an announcement on November 19, the deal is dead and J2 is now seeking other buyout offers. Meanwhile, Laikin and his partners have filed a lawsuit against J2 and J2 has filed a counter suit. It’s not clear what all of this means to the future of National Lampoon, but it is hard to see how it will help.


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