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Where Do Former NatLamp Editors Go? 

October 7, 2000

Apparently, they go on to write for children’s television. Sean Kelly, Ellis Weiner, and Brian McConnachie all write regularly for Noddy, a PBS children’s program about a mentally ill young boy (Truman) who has vivid hallucinations regarding his grandfather’s toy shop in which he believes all the toys are alive. McConnachie also wrote for Shining Time Station, a show about talking trains which featured George Carlin as a six-inch-tall station master. (If you are familiar with McConnachie’s work in National Lampoon, all of this makes perfect sense.) Peter Gaffney, a NatLamp editor in the early ’80s, was one of the creators of Rugrats and wrote many of the early shows. It’s good to know our nation’s youth is in their capable hands.


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