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Going Into Low-Maintenance Mode

October 2, 1999

As you may have noticed,┬áthis is the first new News page since March. This is partly because I have been busy putting together the new Radio Hour pages. But, it’s also because I’m starting to lose interest in maintaining this site. (I am now doing web design full-time in my day job and doing the same in my free time doesn’t seem quite so diverting anymore.) Rather than pull the plug, the site is officially going into low maintainance mode until further notice. I will continue to post new ads on the Classifieds page, but please be patient if you write me with questions for the Answers page. These can be very time-consuming, so I will only answer the ones I know off the top of my head and only when it’s convenient. I will post News pages less frequently—maybe two or three per year. The bottom line is, the site will remain up indefinitely, though it may not change as often as it used to.


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