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New Classifieds Page Added

September 1, 1998

I have received so many messages from readers looking to either buy, sell, or trade various National Lampoon items that I have decided to add a special page devoted to such requests. As a result, this type of item will no longer appear on this News page. The inaugural edition features requests I have received over the last year, many of which I have not been able to follow up on–until now. If your query appears but is no longer valid, let me know. If you sent me a request and it does not appear, let me know (it’s difficult to keep track of them all). Any future queries to me regarding buying or selling items will automatically appear on the Classifieds page. This new page is a free service to readers of this site and should work much better than the hit-or-miss manner I have been handling them until now. (Thanks to Dave Meredith for the suggestion.)

12/3/15 Update: I stopped taking ads for the Classifieds page in March of 2012. It is now removed from the site. Sorry, everybody. It was taking too much of my time. If you have something to sell, there is eBay and Craig’s list. If you are looking for old Lampoon stuff, check out the Where To Find Stuff page.


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