295. Nude Blonde in Subscription Ad

Q: There was a subscription ad featuring a nude blonde woman, I think in the ’70s, saying something like “if you subscribe, we’ll be able to get her clothes.” Which issue, and what was the name of the model?

A: That sounds familiar, but I couldn’t find the ad. I seriously doubt if the name of the model can be determined. It’s not the sort of thing they included in the credit info back then. In any case, if you, dear reader, know the answers to any of these questions, please post it in a comment.

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    You may be thinking of the ad that said, “Is this any way to sell subscriptions to the National Lampoon?”, which had a topless blonde covering her lower parts with a copy of the Lampoon. If so, it appeared in a few issues, including the October 1978 “Entertainment” issue.

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