243. Where To Find Rocks

Q: My geology professor made a comment about an article from an old issue of your magazine. I am unsure of the spelling, but it was five places you could find rocks. One of the answers was “In Mrs. Kuputziaks’ backyard”. Can you find this article or tell me how to spell this lady’s name?

A: That was from a piece called “National Science Fair Projects” by Brian McConnachie and Henry Beard which appeared in the July 1973 (Modern Times) issue. (Thanks to Ann for answering this.) More info in the Comments link.

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    Curiously enough, this answer, like the previous one, is also to be found in the July 73 (Modern Times) issue. ‘Where rocks come from’ is an exhibit in McConnachie and Beard’s “National Science Fair Projects”. Mrs Kapitzia’s back (and front) yard aren’t mentioned in the text, but can be seen written on trays of rocks in the photo.
    (Rocks also come from ‘the City’, ‘a vacant lot’,and ‘under my father’s car’.)

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    Forgot about that one. Thanks, Ann!

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    Didn’t this parody also feature entries such as “The Effects of Drugs on Me” and “What I would do if they gave me the space shuttle”? (I remember the opening line to the latter: “First, I would be surprised.”
    Although I thought the piece was called “Inner City Science Fair”?

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    “Inner City Science Fair” appeared some years after “National Science Fair”, in the August ’83 (Science and Bad Manners) issue.
    This one had only 5 exhibits; the Space Shuttle is one. Two of the others are about drugs, tho’ not the one you mention (‘New Techniques in Drug Distribution’ and ‘How Long Can a Heroin Addict Live in a Locker?’).It was by Michael Reiss and Al Jean.

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    Thanks, Carol! (For the “Inner City Science Fair” question, see answer #304.)

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