242. Christopher Rush Demo Record Insert

Q: I seem to remember an issue that had a sample recording of Chris Rush attached to the inside of an issue. Do you know which issue this was in?

A: Well, I remember ads for Christopher Rush, but I don’t remember getting a sample recording in any issue I had. Maybe it was included in some copies, but not the ones I got. In any case, Ann (in the Comments) says it was in the July 1973 (Modern Times) issue, page 73.

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    My copy of NL for July ’73 (Modern Times) issue has an acetate record insert called “This is Your First Rush”. It’s right next to the Pythonesque (airbrush and collage) ad on page 73 for Chris Rush’s album “First Rush”.

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    Interesting. My copy of that issue doesn’t have it. I bought it from a convenience store when it was first published. (I only remember this because it was the first issue I ever bought.) Maybe someone swiped it from the magazine before I bought it. Or maybe I pulled it out and threw it away and completely forgot about it. Anyway, thanks, Ann!

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