196. Ad for Dog Masks

Q: I’m surprised no one has asked for this one: An ad for dog masks—shows a couple screwing on a lawn wearing dog masks. I believe it said, “If dogs can do it, so can you.”

A: Yeah, gee, a real head scratcher that it hasn’t come up before. I don’t happen to remember it, but reader Duane is positive it’s from one of the Harvard Lampoon magazine parodies. Sounds good to me.

4 comments on “196. Ad for Dog Masks

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    You sure you wouldn’t prefer a nice set of Nose Masks?

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    Sound eerily like a Hara-Kiri (french parody magazine) cover of early 70’s. The caption went a bit like: screw where you want with our amazing dog masks.

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    Interesting. Is there any way to confirm this? Maybe someone has created a site like this one for that magazine? Le Site Tres Grande Hara-Kiri de Marc, or something like that?

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    It was Harvard Lampoon. Definitely Harvard Lampoon. It was in a Magazine Parody, Not sure which one but the Staff at HL are working on this one with me, so stay tuned.

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