175. “I Like Bananas” Song from Radio Hour

Q: I can still hear Gilda Radner singing a little ditty: “I don’t like peaches, because they have big stones/But I like bananas, because they have no bones.” What was the title of that radio sketch, and in which program did it air? I’ve scoured all the available listing on amazon.com and can’t find it.

A: Well, it wasn’t Gilda Radner. The song is from the ’40s or earlier (thanks, Carol). More info in the Comments.

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    I don’t know where and when the Divine Gilda ever recorded it, but ” I Like Bananas” is a real old novelty song, maybe from the 40’s or earlier, written by some guy called Yacich. It was recorded in the 50’s by the jug-band, The Hoosier Hotshots. I hope this is helpful, or at least of interest.

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    It was on a Lampoon Radio Hour Episode in a Laughs from the Past segment but No it wasn’t Gilda and it was a young unidentified girl who sang it. I’m doing reserch on which episode as we speak. I have many episodes on MP3 disc and it will take awhile to listen to them all.

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