162. “X Eggs Any Style” Cartoon

Q: I’m trying to find a NatLamp cartoon that had a picture of the interior of a diner, and on the wall was a menu with prices for “1 egg any style, 2 eggs any style”, etc., and continues into the hundreds of eggs “any style”. Do you remember in what issue that ran? I’d guess it was in the ’80s. Thanks for your help!

A: A single-panel cartoon is very difficult to find if I don’t specifically remember it. This one sounds familiar, but I have no idea which issue it would have appeared in. If anyone else knows, please post it in a comment.

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    This is probably only somewhat helpful, if that, but I do recall that it was a PC Vey cartoon. I feel pretty certain that it was reprinted in one or more of the Lampoon book cartoon collections as well.

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    Found it! Kit’s right; the ‘toon is by P.C. Vey. It ran in the Jan ’82 (Sword and Sorcery) issue.

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