149. Kangaroo “69” Cartoon

Q: Looking for a one frame drawing, no caption, showed two kangaroos in 69 position with their heads in each others pouches. Circa 1972-73. I remember having it silk-screened onto a shirt I wore in gym class in 1974, so it’s no later than that.

A: I kind of remember that one, and I looked through all of 72-73 issues, but didn’t see it. If I’d looked at the very next one, the January 1974 (Animals) issue, I would have found it on page 16. (Thanks to Steve for the answer.)

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    Appropriately enough, the Jan. 1974 “Animals” issue (one of my all-time favorite issues). It’s on the Editorial page, p.16.

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    Thanks, Steve!

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    Crikey. Thanks, mate.

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    Wow. I might have had the same t-shirt in early 80’s. Is the image posted anywhere?

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