147. “Be A Cop” Fake Ad

Q: Here’s a tough one for you (I think) because I’ve looked for over 15 years for this issue and been unable to find it. There was a mock ad in a National Lampoon that said “be a cop” and had a picture of a police officer suggestively holding a young boy’s hand, as well as some other strange/immoral cop activity. Any idea what issue this was from?

A: Well, you’re right. I’m stumped. If anyone else knows, please¬†post it in a comment..

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    I don’t recall any such ad, but there was a “I wish I were a guy! I’d become a Prison Guard!” ad in the August 1975 “Justice” issue of the Lampoon. There was also a story by Doug Kenney entitled “Trespassers Will Be Violated” in which a young boy was violated by his dad during hunting trips. Maybe you’re confusing those two articles? (This issue was also the last appearance by Henry Beard, BTW.)

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    While we’re throwing out suggestions: There was a mock ad in the “Is Nothing Sacred?” issue that inverted the then-current “Some Call Him Pig” PSA. (The NatLamp version of the slogan was “Some Call Him Cop,” and showed a pig cradling an unconscious child.) In the original ad, the cop is clearly giving mouth-to-mouth to the kid, but it also looks a lot like molestation if you want to look at it that way.
    Search Google Image with “Some Call Him Pig” to see several samples of original.

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