144. Cavalry Sentry Cartoon

Q: This was in the ’70s I think. It was a two panel cartoon. Panel one, Cavalry general writing at his desk in front of a window, sentry standing by the door, caption under reads Thump, thump, thump. Panel two, sentry turns head toward door, general slumped over desk with three arrows in his back. Caption has sentry saying, come in. I would love a copy of that cartoon to blow up and frame. It just struck me as funny.

A: Page 6 of the December 1970 (Christmas) issue. (Thanks, Steve_O!)

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    Page 6 of the Dec. 1970 “Christmas” issue.

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    Thank you so much for the information. That was quick!!!! Do you know of anyway to get a copy of that cartoon or should I just buy a back issue of the magazine?

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    You could buy a back issue or you could just buy the National Lampoon DVD with all their issues and copy the cartoon.

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