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King Biscuit Flower Hour Tribute #2

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November 30, 1980
1 hour

Program Content

Intro (Outer Limits Motif) (Food!)

Humor Test by Dr. Chevy Chase

Laughs From the Past: Daffy Duck / Vacation to Bulgaria

Poetry Writing Contest (“Hill”)

Gizele McKensie

Mother Goose’s Wine (progressive rock parody, featuring Tony Schuerin)

National Lampoon Radio Hour Singles Bar of the Air

Rapping with John at Piano Bar

Polish Commercial Intro

Commercial Break

Green Mercury Blocking Driveway

Mr. Chatterbox

The Jimmy Dugan Story

John Wayne / Truman Capote

Flash Bazbo, Space Explorer


The Loan Arranger

Mel Brewer and Ron Fields / Whaling Songs (Bob Marley and the Wailers reference)

“I Am Woman” (Hellen Ready parody, featuring Gilda Radner)

How Often Have You Said to Yourself…

Commercial Break

Mr. Rogers Meets His Neighbor

Universal Bank Commercial

The History of Rock and Roll: The Beatles, with Flash Bazbo

Recipe Corner

The Lost Glider / National Lampoon Radio Hour I.D.

Parrots in Love

Pledge Plea by Mel Brewer

Mel Brewer and Ron Fields / The Next Big Thing

(Clap Is Just the) “B” Side of Love (country/western parody)

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