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Show #56 / California Show
(repeat of show #49)

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December 7, 1974
1/2 hour

Program Content

Brian McConnachie Introduces the National Lampoon Radio Hour Twin-Requested California Show

Dr. Thompson S. Hunter and Bozo Assignment on California

Renting a Plymouth Belvedere

California Show Commercial Intro

Commercial Break

Chula Vista

Prison Farm

The News

Hollywood Movie Stars Tour Ordinary Homes

More News / “Hollywood Squares” Disaster

More News / Illegal Aliens

Picking Up Hitchhikers

Earthquake Damage Press Conference

Commercial Break

Rip Van Ripple

Ridin’ Out on a Rail (Grateful Dead Parody)

PSA: Patricia Hearst for the Symbianese Liberation Army

Commercial Break

Thompson S. Hunter Prologue: I Hate California

Closing Credits (Read by Hunter)

Situations Are Fictitious

McConnachie: “This Has Been The National Lampoon Radio Hour Twin-Requested California Show”

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