National Lampoon Radio Hour
Show #54 / The Chuck Fred ’n’ Bubba Show

November 23, 1974
1/2 hour

Program Content

“The Chuck Fred ’n’ Bubba Show” Intro on KORN, Durante, Oklahoma

Music (“Turkey in the Straw”)


Farm Report

Music (“Turkey in the Straw”)


Celebrity Time with Ronda Sue Roglesby

Ronda Sue’s Beauty Tips

Music (“Turkey in the Straw”)

National Lampoon Comic Special Commerical

Comedy Corner!

Story About Meeting in a Bar

Music (“Turkey in the Straw”)

USDA Report

Visit by the Mail Man

Music (“Turkey in the Straw”)

Harvard Lampoon Sports Illustrated Parody Commercial


Celebrity Time with Local Songwriter Bobby Gene McMurphy

Pick-Up Truck Song

Durante Song

Reprise: Durante Song

Bubba ’n’ Chuck Fred Song

“Due to the Explicit Sexual Nature” Warning

December 1974 “Religion” Issue of National Lampoon Magazine Commercial

Bubba and Chuck Fred Sausages Commercial

“Time for those crazy National Lampoon folks…”

“Opening Credits” to National Lampoon Radio hour