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Show #43 / The Case of the Mad Vandal, Part 1
(rerun of show #30)

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September 7, 1974
1/2 hour

Program Content

High School Confidential / Intro to “The Case of the Mad Vandal”

Opening Credits

Juvenile Corrections Officer

3rd Period Hygiene Class

Principal’s Announcement

The Mad Vandal Strikes

National Lampoon Radio Hour Commercial Intro

Commercial Break

Freeing the Principal

The Mad Vandal Continues to Strike

Discussions with Moose and Zits

National Lampoon 1964 High School Yearbook Parody Commercial

Commercial Break

Discussions with Coach

Discussions with Janitor

Discussions with Babs

Babs and the Swimming Coach

The Pool

Chuck Gets Framed

National Lampoon Radio Hour Commercial Intro

Commercial Break

Chuck Cleans His Locker

“The Crapper’s Been Here and Gone”

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