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Show #40 / Summer Reruns Show #9
(repeat of show #27)

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August 17, 1974
1/2 hour

Program Content

Intro: Outer Limits 

Commercial Break

Public Disservice Message: Giving Blood 

The Comedy Stylings of Patrol Officer Tim O’Malley 

Mr. Chatterbox 

John Wayne Being Interrogated 

The Comedy Stylings of Cardiologist Dr. Andrew Tillman 

Front Row Center: “Death of a Salesman” 

Can a Match Burn Twice? (Part 1)

“The Missing Whitehouse Tapes” Commercial

Can a Match Burn Twice? (Part 2)

Flash Bazbo, Space Explorer 

The Comedy Stylings of News Anchorman Robert K. Chancellor 

Laughs From the Past: “From the Indies to the Andes in His Undies” by the Hoosier Hotshots 

The Comedy Stylings of Psychiatrist Dr. Ricky Johnson 

Consumer Reports Magazine Editor at Home 

“Nat Lamp Unto My Feet” with Father Joseph Vazinni 

National Lampoon Radio Hour Rights Commercial Intro 

Commercial Break

“Till We Meet Again” 

Gracie Whitebread with Closing Credits

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