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Show #35 / Summer Reruns Show #4

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July 13, 1974
1/2 hour

Program Content

Intro: Outer Limits 

Whining Kids Want to Stay Up and Listen to the Show 

National Lampoon Radio Hour I.D. 

Commercial Break

National Lampoon Radio Hour I.D. (Hendrix)

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore Discussion 

Colorado (John Denver parody from Lemmings, sung by Chevy Chase)

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore Discussion, Continued 

American Safety Institute: Children Shooting Projectiles 

The Kids Need to Go to Bed 

Commercial Intro 

Commercial Break

Monolithic Oil Corp. Commercial: Energy Crisis 

Richard Nixon Playing Monopoly 

“The Colts Are Playing Like There’s No Tomorrow” 

Commercial Intro 

Commercial Break

John Belushi with “Summer Ripoff Rerun Radio Hour” 

Outro Closing Credits 

The Kids are Asleep

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