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Show #29 / The Sluts From Space, Part 2

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June 2, 1974
1/2 hour

Program Content

Timmy Johnson with Recap of Last Week’s Show 

Intro to “The Sluts From Space, Part 2” 

Opening Credits 

“The Job of Sex” Book Commercial

Commercial Break

Rev. Mayor Swanson’s Wife 

Clancy’s Bar at Bowling Alley 

Lynn Peterson Dad and Ellie 

June New Ingenue Magazine Commercial

Meeting with “Real” Girls 

Deodorants in the Creek 

Clem and Joanne 

Clancy’s Bar

Mom and Dad Frank’s Freedom 

Candace on the Phone 

Lynn at the Door 

Kisser’s Hill 

June 1974 “Food” Issue of National Lampoon Commercial

Timmy’s Advice

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