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Show #24

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April 27, 1974
1/2 hour

Program Content

National Lampoon Radio Hour Intro (Worldwide Short Wave Motif)

National Lampoon “This Side of Parodies” Book Commercial

Commercial Break

The Dick and Jane Show

Flash Bazbo, Space Explorer

Bleeding Heart (Parody of Cat Stevens)

National Lampoon Radio Hour I.D.

Mattress Police

Fred Purdue’s Chicken Commercial Intro

New Ingenue Magazine Commercial

Public Disservice Message: Mental Hospitals

Craig Baker, Perfect Master, with His Girifriend

Laughs From the Past: “Der Fuehrer’s Face”

Dr. Norman Vincent Nightcap Answers Your Questions

Fred Perdue Chicken Commercial (Part 2)

Missing White House Tapes Commercial

Closing Credits with Michael O’Donoghue

National Lampoon Radio Hour Outro (Worldwide Short Wave Radio Motif)

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