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Show #12

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February 2, 1974
1 hour

Program Content

Intro by Gracie Whitebread

Commercial Break

Olympic Timekeeper Physical Fitness Warning (Ed Bluestone)

Old Jewish Pot Smokers

Hendrix Licks

Police Department Destroying Marijuana

Monolithic Oil Corp. Commercial: Arlington Cemetery

Ed’s Big Date

Laughs From the Past: Little Miss Muffett (Otis Redding Parody by Christopher Cerf)

National Lampoon Radio Hour I.D.

Mr. Chatterbox

Interview with Norman Fishbank, Pirate

True Or False: Rich Men’s Socks

Commercial Break

Public Disservice Message: Kindness to Animals

True or False: Answer

Egyptian Archaeology Expedition

National Lampoon Radio Hour I.D.

Philosophical Inquiry

True or False: Unbreakable Dinnerware

Commercial Break

American Safety Institute: Brush Your Teeth

True or False: Answer

Recipe Corner

The Lost Glider

National Lampoon Radio Hour I.D. (Gracie Whitebread)

I’d Rather Be Me Than You / The Mason Reese Institute

“The Ballad of Charles Whitman” by Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys

National Lampoon Radio Hour I.D.

Dr. Christian Barnard Medical Fashion Update

True Or False: Oatmeal

Commercial Break

“Missing White House Tapes” Record Album Commercial

Commercial Break

Deborah Patchett with Upcoming Show and Closing Credits

Commercial Break

Wobbles the Goose

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