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Show #7 / Missing Whitehouse Tapes

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December 29, 1973
1 hour

Program Content


“The Missing White House Tapes” Commercial

Commercial Break

Christmas Tour of the White House by Pat Nixon 

Conversation Between Richard Nixon and His Dying Mother 

Laughs From the Past: “Eisenhower and Nixon” by Lenny Bruce 

National Lampoon Radio Hour Commercial Intro

Commercial Break

Humor Buffs for Nixon

Impeachment Day Parade / Alabama, Alaska, Massachusetts 

Big Dick (Sesame Street Parody)

The News

Mrs. Hunt and Laundered Money

Mrs. Agnew’s Diary

Impeachment Day Parade / Tape Console

Touch and Tap Your Way to Popularity by Rosemary Wood 

The News

National Lampoon Radio Hour Commercial Intro

Commercial Break

How Do You Do It, Mr. Nixon

Senate Hearings with Erlichmann and Hunt

Impeachment Day Parade / Vietnam Veterans WFL Football Rules

Ziegler’s Daughter’s Cavities

Mission: Impeachable

The News

The FBI / Cuban Burglars

Swearing Out Ceremony with Rev. Billy Graham 

Swearing Out, Wrap Up

The White House Basement Tapes

The Gerry Ford Show

Commercial Intro

Commercial Break

“The Missing White House Tapes” Commercial

Nixon Speech on Watergate

Memo From Colson / Closing Credits

Where’s Wobbles the Goose?

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