327. Sexual Checklist

Q: Lampoon published a sexual checklist once—twins; amputee; etc.

A: The Feb. ’79 (Heterosexuality) issue ran a 3-page “Men’s Lifetime Heterosexual Score Sheet”. (Thanks to Carol once again for the answer. See the Comments link for more.)

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    The Feb. ’79 (Heterosexuality) issue runs a 3-page “Men’s Lifetime Heterosexual Score Sheet”. There is no women’s score sheet… in fact, that entire issue is from the male point of view. Curious. Didn’t the editors realize that ‘heterosexuality’ involves BOTH sexes?
    Or was I their only remaining female reader by that time?

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    It was very much a boys’ club, and I think they tended to assume most of the readers were male. Thanks again for digging this up.

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