322. Exploding Light Bulb Story

Q: I’m trying to find a story that appeared in an issue in the late ’70s or early ’80s. The plot was around a pair of high school boys who had a foreign exchange student in their biology class who would engage in some extracurricular activity in the back of the classroom. Also when one of the boys was home alone pleasuring himself he caused his light bulb to explode.

A: “The Foreign Exchange Student”, by Chris Miller, from the August 1989 (Wet T-shirts Throughout History) issue. (Thanks to J-Lo for the answer.)

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    Sounds like an “O.C. & Stiggs” piece. I also have a vague recollection of the foreign exchange student. Try those search terms.

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    Yes, that could be it.

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    It’s a Chris Miller story about an exchange student from France named Yvonne (or as the Chris character calls her, “Yvonne de Piece of Ass”) who fooled around with all the boys in the high school biology class. Sorry, I don’t remember the title.

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    The Foreign Exchange Student
    Page 37, Aug 1989
    by Chris Miller
    It’s a Mr. Rock n Roll story, a character Miller used more than once.

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