297. B. Kliban Ice Cream Cartoon

Q: For years I have been trying to locate a B. Kliban cartoon, staged in an ice cream shop advertising flavors such as liver and wood. Last on the list is vanilla. The ice cream guy is saying: “We’re out of vanilla.”

A: It wasn’t in National Lampoon, but in the February 1983 issue of Playboy. (Thanks to the guy who asked this question, who found it himself.)

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    If anyone has a copy of this cartoon and could scan it and mail it to me (or upload it somewhere), my friend and I (who laughed our asses off at it, literally for hours if not days — seriously –, honestly rolling on the floor laughing, convulsing, unable to stop) would be eternally grateful.

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    Do you have a copy of this cartoon you could send to me? I’ve been looking for it for years. Thanks!

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    I too seek this cartoon, it is my all time favorite cartoon ever. I would love a copy!

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