288. Rand McNally Road Map Parody

Q: In 1973 or 1974 an issue included a very funny parody of a Rand McNally road map for something like Kanebraska or some such. It spread across two pages, possibly in the center of the magazine. I especially remember that one of the towns on the map was Schlongberg (Shlongberg? Shlongburg?).

A: Actually, it was a bit later than that: It was called “Road Map”, by P.J. O’Rourke and Alan Rose, and appeared in the August 1979 (Vacation!) issue. The fictional state was called “Minnebraska”, but there were other fake state names at the borders, such as Ohiowa, Indianois, Wissouri, Michitucky, and Pennsylconsin. And “Schlongburg” is the correct spelling.

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    it was of Pennsylvania but all the town names were made up

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    The overall shape is similar to Pennsylvania and the eastern border is the same, but the northern and souther borders are different (the southern one looks more like Nebraska). Just like the names, the shape is a mixture of pieces from different real sates.

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