234. Viscount H. Goatlips II and Vengeance Editorial

Q: I am looking for a saying from a letter sent in by Viscount H. Goatlips III, it started something like this: “Vengeance (revenge?) lends a rationale of chancery justice…” I am not sure about the above but would love to get the original version. It would have come from the late ’70s

A: The text is from the editorial in the April 1980 (Vengeance) issue. There’s no reference to “Viscount H. Goatlips” in that article, but there is a tiny reference to “Mr. S. W. Goatlips” in a fake ad in that same issue. However, the issue after that, the May 1976 (Sex Roles) issue, has a parody of a Victorian sex manual called “Sexual Health” by a “Dr. Viscount H. Goatlips II”. I think you’ve somehow combined the two in your memory.

By the way, to dig this stuff up, I did a text search of the National Lampoon Complete DVD, and the name “Goatlips” appears in several issues in the early Eighties. I guess it was a favorite “funny name” of the editors around that time.

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    I’m fairly certain that “Goatlips” was exclusively Ted Mann’s tic.

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