203. Getting Ahead in Business

Q: There was a story I remember where I believe they were talking about how to give an executive “bj”. I remember drawings showing a guy in a suit under the conference room table doing so and also with his hand outreached servicing another member of the management team. Very funny pre-Dilbert type corporate management satire. I am dying to find that issue and article and pictures. I find these people in business more often than some would believe! Any ideas?

A: “The National Lampoon Guide to Effective Salesmanship” by Tony Hendra and Gerald Sussman. It appeared in the December 1975 (Money) issue.

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    I have the pictures. Copied from the magazine as part of a presentation at work long ago. I still have the presentation, which is now legendary. Not sure if I have the text. Guess I could scan them.

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