202. Waking-Up-As-a-Kid-Again Story

Q: I remember a story about a man who wakes up to find himself as a boy again, back in time, but he has retained all of his adult experiences. Needless to say, this works out to his advantage as a child. Does this story line ring a bell? I’m pretty sure it was in a NL issue, do you know which one?

A: The story was “Going Back”, By Michel Choquette and Anne Beatts, and appeared in the October 1971 (Back to School) issue.

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    Oh, yeah–I think you might be right. Forgot about that one. It fits his description better.

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    Maybe, but it might also be “They Do Things Differently There” by Chris Miller in the June ’87 (Sex and Other Unusual Practices) issue. The hero of CM’s story gains far more advantage from his adult mentality (makes money betting, seduces his schoolteacher, knows where to score dope, etc.) than the hapless slob in “Going Back”, who just runs into constant trouble with authority for being a smartass kid.

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