188. Ayn Rand Parody

Q: I recently got the National Lampoon Complete DVD, and have been trying to locate something I *think* I remember seeing in the late 1970s or early 1980s. I’m pretty sure, but not positive, that NL did a parody of Ayn Rand somewhere around that time. Does that ring a bell?

A: According to Dell, there were a couple of “letters” from her in the Letters From the Editors column in August 1983 and February 1987. More info in the Comments below.

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    I remember the Ayn Rand parody called “Atlas Shrugged”. Don’t remember much else about it though.

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    Rand did write at least one Letter to the Editor. It appeared in the August 1983 issue:
    I have always felt that the purest goal in life is for one to pursue happiness in the context of one’s own determined talents and potential — no matter what historical, societal, or existential pressures demand. But lately, since I’ve been dead, I’ve realized that it doesn’t really seem to matter what the fuck one does.
    -Ayn Rand
    Fountainhead Cemetery”

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    And from February 1987:
    There was something so important about writing letters to the National Lampoon that she felt a burning desire in the seat of her mind to keep writing them, and with that supposition in mind she adhered to her attack like some sort of new tape or paste, headlong to the task.
    Aren’t you glad I’m dead?
    -Ayn Rand
    Dead Writers Who Stink Up Heaven”

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