184. World Championships

Q: It was a cartoon, at the end of the magazine maybe? Just like a tournament bracket (arranged with all the teams in their first round, quarter-final, semi-final, and finals) except it’s the countries of the world, with the semi-finals being USSR vs Afghanistan, and US vs Vietnam, with the “final” (yet to be played) Afghanistan vs Vietnam.

A: That was actually from Spy magazine. See the Comments link for more details. (Thanks to Chris for answering this one.)

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    Almost positive that was in Spy Magazine, also that it made it in its ‘Best of’ book published a few years ago.

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    I can confirm that. It’s on page 175 of “Spy: The Funny Years”. Interestingly, it was by Ron Hauge, who was also a NatLamp contributor.

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    You are such a STAR!!!!! I saw that years ago, and have told folk about it, but could never find it. Hope has raised its feathery head. Thank you sooooooo much!

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