148. Caribbean “Love Boat”

Q: I had a subscription to National Lampoon in the late ’70s early ’80s. And there was a story about a cruise ship sailing through the Caribbean with a huge orgy on board. And I thought it was in poetic form. It had the narrator talking in a Jamaican accent, saying things like ‘in there gapin mout’. And I think the ship had started to sink from a hole punched in it and release spermicidal gel in an oil slick on the ocean. Let me know if you know of this article and where I could possibly download it from.

A: Carol says: “The article is called ‘CALYPSO!’, by Donald Charles; it’s in the July ’81 (Endless, Mindless Summer Sex) issue.” Thanks, Carol!

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    I remember that one. Jaques Cousteau’s scientific ship ‘Calypso’, carrying a cargo of “Shockley Mensa sperm”, collides with The Love Boat. Orgy results, followed by the Love Boat discharging a load of spermicidal jelly.
    The article is called “CALYPSO!”, by Donald Charles; it’s in the July ’81 Endless, Mindless Summer Sex issue. I dunno about where you might find it.
    (Incidentally, this is the ish in which O.C. and Stiggs made their debut. Otherwise it’s not up to much.)

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    Thank you, Carol. I can always count on you.

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