137. “Strong Back? Be a Roofer” Ad

Q: I’ve been searching for a specific issue I recall from the 1970s ( I think) It contained a full page mock advertisement of a kid sitting in a classroom, head in his head, asleep. Caption read something like “Don’t waste a strong back, be a roofer”, Sponsored by the National Roofing Association. Something along these lines. I believe the kid sleeping was black. Any help?

A: Muffy says: “It was in the September ’75 (Back to College) ish.” More info in the Comments link.

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    Yeah, I got that one. It was in the September ’75 “Back to College” ish. The ad shows a student looking uncomprehendingly at a copy of Aristotle’s “Prior Analytics” under the caption ‘A strong back is a terrible thing to waste’. It’s an appeal from the America First Campaign Fund and the Roofing Contractors’ Council.

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    Thanks, Muffy!

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