115. Fireflies Quote

Q: In reading Gould’s 1928 book “Oddities” I found the following insane surreal quote, something like “There are Americans who have the ability to quit their bodies for short periods of time and adopt the forms of fireflies, for the sole purpose of assualting their neighbors.” I seem to recall that in the Golden Age of NL I read that quote (and we used it quite often), but I cant find it.

A: It appeared on the cover of Best of 4 special issue, lower right corner. (Thanks to Steve for the answer to this.)

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    It’s in the forward to one of their “Best Of” anthologies. I believe that it’s in “Best of 4.”

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    Way to go, Steve! That was quick. It was right on the cover of Best of 4 (lower right corner). I never would have thought to look there. Thanks!

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