103. Colostomy Bag Cartoon

Q: Are you familiar with a one-frame cartoon from an early 1970s issue of NL in which a large man is being suspected as he exits a grocery store.
As he looks over his shoulder at his would-be accusers, the caption says something like, “I’m not stealing ripe fruit, it’s my colostomy bag”.

A: It’s a Bud Grace cartoon from the January 1986 issue. Thanks, Kit and Mike!

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    That’s a Bud Grace cartoon, and it’s actually from around 1985 or 86. At the very least, I’m pretty sure that’s the time period when Mr. Grace was most prolific at the Lampoon.

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    Kit’s spot on. It’s from the January 1986 issue, page 18.

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    Isn’t the line “…OVERripe fruit…”?

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    Even worse than that: “I am not stealing rotten fruit. That’s my colostomy bag.”

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    Humor immitates life. In a 1978 Florida Supreme Court opinion styled Wackenhut Corp. v. Canty, the court described the underlying facts as follows:
    “On October 26, 1972 respondent made several purchases in a discount store in Miami, Florida. His shirt was worn outside his trousers in order to cover a colostomy bag, which respondent wore as the result of colostomy surgery, in which the colon is attached at the upper abdomen to an external bag which collects waste material. After completing the purchases, respondent reached the store’s exit and was approached by petitioner’s employee, a Spanish-speaking security guard, who demanded to see what respondent carried under his shirt. Respondent’s explanation was not understood because of the guard’s inability to clearly understand English, and so the guard grabbed the bag and pulled it. As a result respondent suffered a prolapse of the colon which necessitated surgical removal of part of the colon and caused additional health problems.” 359 So. 2d at 431-32. Ouch.

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