101. Bernie X Collection?

Q: Do you know if there has been a complete Bernie X compilation assembled?

A: I’m pretty sure there isn’t, but there ought to be.

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    I’ve never seen anything like that and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist. What would be really great would the collected stories of Chris Miller that appeared in the Lampoon.

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    That, and a B.K Taylor Timberland Tales/The Appletons anthology.

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    Since we’re on the subject of Bernie X, I still have a question waiting for its turn on the website, but maybe somebody reading this will have the answer. I seem to remember a Bernie X column involving Joni Mitchell. True? And can anyone name the year and month of the issue? If not Bernie X, it was Baba Rum Raisin, but absolutely it was one of the two. Thanks!.

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    Two years later comes the answer to Mike Dooley’s question, if he’s still curious. It was a Baba Rum Raisin column, from the May 1975 issue, appearing on page 12. In it, Joni, Baba, and George Harrison are trapped in a cave in the Himalayas.

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    And here in the summer of 2010, I am still interested. Thanks, John Figler.

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    When was the first Bernie X. column published? I.E. in what issue? Thanks!

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    “The New York Cabby’s Guide to New York” by Gerald Sussman in the April 1974 (Travel) issue was the first Bernie X. story. The first Bernie X. column appeared in the March 1975 (Good-bye to All That) issue.

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