96. Two Racist Cartoons

Q: I’m looking for which issue had two full page comics. One is of two blacks taking a load of trash to the dump when a cop makes one of them cover the trash, ending with the punch line of “Somebody threw away a perfectly good n*****” The other comic is of a black girl and boy. The man begs to see undrneath the girl’s skirt and ends the comic with “Sho’ is a wonder yo guts don’t slide out.” Can anybody please help with not only the issue but where to acquire it?

A: “Jokes from the Old South” from the July 1976 (Down Home) issue. (Thanks Steve O. and B.A.!)

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    That was the July 1976 “Down Home” issue with the Fat Elvis cover (almost exactly a year before he died). You’re right- the cartooons were racist. And somehow it’s not nearly as funny as it seemed when I first read the issue.
    I’m sure that you can pick it up on EBay now that you know the particulars.

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    Both those cartoons were in the same issue (late seventies, I’m sure, but I haven’t located the volume yet) in a feature titled “Jokes from the Old South,” or something similar. I’ll provide the exact issue when I find it. I know it’s in my collection.

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    I remember those cartoons very well. I believe it was “true tales from the old south”. No idea of the issue. I thought both of those jokes were old then, I had heard them so many times before.

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    If I recall correctly, that punchline was something like:
    “Ain’t folks wasteful, somebody done throwed away a perfectly good n****r”

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    There’s a twist on that joke in BETTER OFF DEAD when John Cusack attepts suicide by jumping off a bridge and lands in a garbage truck. One of the garbagemen, who is black, says to the other “It’s a shame, throwin’ away a white boy like that”

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