84. “Sgt. Nick Penis”

Q: Back in the mid to late ’70s there was a comic called “Sgt. Nick Penis and the Brass Ball Battalion” that I have never forgotten. I only had the issue for a couple of days when I lent it to a friend that was home sick from school. The jerk threw it out. Memorable line, “The poor boys still count in inches.”

A: It appeared in the February 1978 (Spring Fascism) issue and was written by Ellis Weiner and illustrated by Neal Adams.

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    A few drawings from that cartoon (when Sgt Nick get into heavy action…)seem to have been copied from Cowgirls at War wich appeared in the NatLamp encyclopedia of humor.

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    Interestingly, Cowgirls at War was drawn by Russ Heath, the artist who drew some of the original Sgt. Rock comics. He even re-used some Sgt. Rock artwork (the tank on the cover, for instance) in Cowgirls at War. Neal Adams, another famous comic book artist, drew Sgt. Nick Penis, which is a parody of Sgt. Rock. I don’t know if Adams ever drew any Sgt. Rock comics, though.

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    Hey,guys, I’ve been looking closely at these comics. ‘Sgt Nick Penis’looks to me far more like Russ Heath’s art than Neal Adams’. I can’t see anything to indicate it’s the work of Adams at all, except maybe the top panel of p3. Could the byline on the Contents page be a mistake?

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    “these guys are so tough they don’t need parachutes….they land on their balls!”
    I always wanted to name a rock band after these guys, “The Brass Balls Brigade”

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    This comic has been recently reprinted in National Lampoon’s Magazine Rack,for those who are curious.

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    Der grosse grunes Schwantz.

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    My favorite panel is when they’re jumping out of an airplane and he says “We don’t need no parachuets – we’re TOUGH!” The National Lampoon issue on Spring Fascism is still available for around $10 on ebay. Very funny.

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