83. Origin of Ice Hockey

Q: Mark, (if that is your real name), while leafing through some foggy brain cells that are scattered on the basement floor of my parents house, I recalled an article about the origin of ice hockey. Something about how it was a favorite pastime of slaves in the hot days of summer in the master’s icehouse. Any clue as to what issue this story is from?

A: Well, of course it’s my real name. Why would you think otherwise? Anyway, several people chimed in on this one, but Carol nails it: “Soul on Ice:the Untold story of the Negro Hockey League” by Tony Kisch, in the December 1988 (Playboy Wars) issue.

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    I think it was called “Soul on Ice”. Draw a complete blank on which issue. I’ll get back to you later.

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    I don’t in which issue it appeared but I believe the title was History of the Negro Hockey Leagues. I remember the blacks playing in an ice house and chasing a mouse as a puck. It was a parody on the old Negro Baseball leagues.

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    This appeared sometime between 1983 and 1987, and was entitles “Soul on Ice: a brief hostoru of the Negro Hockey League.”

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    This is the coolest thing ever. In my Marine Corps days, two freinds and myself had t-shirts made of the main characters, Little Willie Littlesmall, Reaper Dixon and Pidge Kennan, stars of the East Cisero Neckbones. I would love to get a copy of that article. Anyone who has it please email me bradwalters@charter.net

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    I found it! ‘Soul on Ice:the Untold story of the Negro Hockey League’ by Tony Kisch, in the Dec 89 ‘Playboy Wars’ issue of NL.

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    “Soul on Ice” did appear in the “Playboy Wars” issue, but that issue is dated December 1988.

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    Oops! It’s fixed now. Thanks for spotting that.

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