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Q: I have been trying to track down a Michael O’Donoghue quote. I think the subject was nostalgia, and after lamenting that “they’re tearing down all the great old parking lots,” he said something like “everything is coming back and then it’s going away again… forever.”

A: According to reader Chapin (see the Comment link below), it was said by George W.S. Trow, a Lampoon writer and frequent O’Donoghue collaborator. For some O’Donoghue quotes, here is a link.

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    Funny, I came across that quote this morning in the book I’m reading, “Within the Context of No Context,” by George W.S. Trow, a Lampoon editor. Trow’s obituary — he died last week — led me to this site, also this morning. Trow recounts a night out with his friend Warren Lyons, son of gossip columnist Leonard Lyons. They’re at a club watching a singer, Genevieve Waite, perform a song called “Romance Is on the Rise”:
    Trow: “Romance is coming back, Warren.”
    Lyons: “You know what’s coming back? Everything; then it’s going away for good.”

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