67. Unpublished Dick Tracy Bad Guys

Q: I’m looking for an issue that came out in the early to mid eighties. It featured a collection of ultra-shady characters from the Dick Tracy comic books that never made it to print. If I remember correctly, the artist had supposedly created them after a long night of excessive drinking. The characters were so hysterical that to this day, I still laugh out loud whenever I think about them. Would you happen to know which issue that was?

A: The article was called “The Unpublished Enemies of Dick Tracy,” written by John Weidman and Ron Barrett It appeared in the May 1982 (Crime) issue.

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    Is there any link to find these pictures? I remember Fart Stinkley and Scrotum Face in that particular Rogue’s Gallery. That was a fantastic selection of drawings!!!

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    The premise was that Chester Gould got roaring drunk and submitted these cartoons to the syndicate which turned it down outright. There was a piss fetishist, a fetus, a rotten cracked egg, someone with shit-for-brains… Barrett did a good job of imitating Gould’s style.

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